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After coming home, nursing him was becoming so painful that I didn’t think I could continue... I’m so glad I called...

Liz   

He was born and went straight to the NICU.... There is no doubt in my mind that without Christy our son would not have breastfed.

Mike, New Father   

The nurse told me if I didn’t give him formula his blood sugar levels would continue to go down... So, I called Christy.

Alisha   

After 10 days it was still extremely painful to breastfeed. She helped me learn how to latch MY baby correctly...

Aleisha   

The first couple of days her baby wouldn’t latch on…If it wasn’t for Christy, I know she would have given up breastfeeding.

Grandma Sharon   

My daughter was born three weeks early...and refused to latch on... I was so fortunate to have the chance to work with Christy.


Christy was a lifesaver for us! ... Every new mom should plan on having her come over!


She was amazing! She was able to get my son to breastfeed and helped me build my milk supply. I recommend Christy to all of my friends.


...my second daughter ... wasn’t able to figure it out...When I explained the situation, [Christy] knew exactly what the problem was...


My 3rd baby was struggling to latch and stay latched. Christy came to the rescue...

Amber   

Serving mothers and babies in Salt Lake County and Park City Breastfeeding is a very personal and individual endeavor. Each mother has her own goals and needs. My aim is to help you achieve your own objectives, and not to encourage any particular agenda. Contact me today to book your first consult.
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About Me

As an IBCLC of 15 years, and a Registered Nurse of 20 years, I have the expertise to help you successfully breastfeed your baby. Let me help you achieve the breastfeeding success you desire.

Christy’s Best Breastfeeding Advice for New Mothers

In my work as a postpartum nurse, over and over I would see the same thing happen. A new mother would try so hard to latch her sleepy newborn. When the baby was finally breastfeeding, she was so relieved and happy!

When to Call an IBCLC

There are many reasons to see an IBCLC. This page lists some of the most common reasons, though this is not intended as a comprehensive list.

In-home Lactation Consultation: $129

Price includes an initial consultation lasting about 2 hours and one follow-up visit with text/phone support for questions or concerns for up to three months following your consultation.