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I achieved my goals

I achieved my goals

Breastfeeding is something that both of us needed to learn, but there were too many people with not the correct knowledge or the correct skills around to give advice. Contacting an IBCLC was the best thing I could have done and I regretted not doing it before. 

Christy is knowledgeable, caring, calm,… she creates an ambience of confidence that is perfect to share all your fears and be open to any question. She answered everything that I asked and every text that I sent afterwards. I’ve recommended an IBCLC to all my new mom friends, and for the ones that live in the area I recommend Christy.

My baby had problems latching correctly and I was using a nipple shield for over two months per recommendation of the lactation consultant in the pediatrician’s office. There wasn’t any follow up after that and I kept using it until I met Christy, who helped me with the pain when I stopped using the shield. She was great and I felt very comfortable talking to her. I didn’t feel judged– although it seems normal, I had felt that way many times before.

I didn’t want to have problems when going back to work at 6 months, so I contacted her again to go through all the challenges of daily pumping.
I finally met my two goals: exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months and no formula at all, to keep nursing and pumping until 1 year old. I achieved both goals and Christy has a lot to do with that!

Cristina in Kearns, Utah